Saturday, December 12, 2015

It's Tea Time: Hyley's Tea Review

I love tea! It's no secret: I drink it every morning. So, imagine how excited I was when I got my Hyley's Tea in mail!
So far, my favorite teas are the Hyley's Sleep Teas in Mint and Chamomile, which can be purchased here for $5.99 a piece. I know that a lot of people drink their sleep teas at night, but I have a cup in the morning when I first get up as well as at night. The morning cup helps to calm me in order to prep for the day while my night cup, naturally, relaxes me to have a good night's rest. 
Hyley's also has Slim Teas in a variety of flavors. Their Slim Teas can be purchased here for $5.99 as well. Like a lot of women, I make a vow to lose weight every New Year's and end up falling flat by February. Hopefully, these Slim Teas can help. In combination with a healthy diet, the teas can help you lose weight. They are all natural and contain ingredients that help to boost your metabolism in order to shed pounds. The teas also help you cleanse and detox. Since I already love my daily cup of tea, adding this to my diet should help me FINALLY obtain some results. 
If you are not interested in the Sleep or Slim Teas, that is fine. Hyley's also has green, black, and wellness teas that may be more your style. View their tea collection here.

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